Flashcards Deluxe
Pinyin Converter
Converts Pinyin with tone numbers into tone marks, plus optionally adds tone colors using html.

Pinyin Text
Pinyin text should contain tone NUMBERS, for example: dai4zi5
Paste a single column of text.
After conversion, 3 columns will be returned:
        1) The original text (with tone numbers)
        2) The text with tone marks
        3) The text with tone marks plus html color coding
Copy-paste the results into Excel.


                  Add Spaces example:   dai4zi5 → dài zi
Remove Spaces example:   ping2 guo3 → píngguǒ
Tone 1 Color You can also enter a numeric code, such as #FF0000 (red).
Tone 2 Color
Tone 3 Color
Tone 4 Color
Tone 5 Color

If you have any feedback regarding this tool, feel free to email me (Ernie) at et@OrangeOrApple.com