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Flashcards Deluxe is an easy to use, yet powerful flashcard app which you can use to study just about anything you want. I use this app for my own Chinese studies, and am constantly improving it to make it better for myself and others. (Click here for screenshots.)


Getting Started

After installing the application, view the sample "Introduction" deck to get familiar with the application.
In addition to the instructions below, I have some training videos which you can watch:

Training Videos

Creating Your Own Decks

There are 2 basic ways to create your own flashcards:

1) in a text editor or a spreadsheet
2) within the app

When using a text editor or spreadsheet, you can transfer flashcards into the app using:
This website
Google Drive
USB / iTunes


How do I share flashcards with others?
How do I transfer a deck from one device to another?
How do I update an existing deck?

Quizlet Users: Moving to Dropbox or Google Drive

Using flashcards created by others

If you want to use an existing deck that someone has already made, you can search our "Shared Library" from within the app.

Contacting Me

If you have any questions or comments regarding this program, feel free to email me at et@OrangeOrApple.com, or use the "Feedback" page.


The Details

The below information augments the in-app help and should give you a better understanding of how the app works.

Creating Your Flashcard Text
About this Website - Please Read
Formatting Text
Adding Pictures and Sounds
Transfering from Other Programs

Using the Application
Using the App - Introduction
Card Order Options - Short Term Goal (Leitner) and Spaced Repetition
Backing Up and Exporting
Managing Card Updates and Re-downloading
Applying Multiple Choice to only certain cards using Advanced Layout
Tips, Tricks and Miscellaneous Features
Scrolling Text
Sharing Decks
Statistics Format in Text File
Chinese Tools

Download In-App Help as an Excel file.
Privacy Policy
Account Deletion

If you'd like to donate a small amount to help with the ongoing development of
Flashcards Deluxe, click the button above. Your added support is thoroughly appreciated!