embedding pictures

embedding pictures

Postby Aleman » Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:59 pm

Good morning Ernie
I have watched your video a number of times but am still unsuccessful in embedding pictures in my deck. I have chosen to use the dropbox option.
I created an excel spreadsheet with 2 columns, Column 1 (i called it text 1) for the German verb to be conjugated, and column 2 (i called it picture 2) with a picture of the present, past and past participle of the verb. I named the excel spreadsheet ~GER-Conjugation.xlsx. I then copied this file to the Dropbox/Apps/Flashcards Deluxe folder.

in the Flashcards Deluxe folder of dropbox, i created a folder called ~GER-Conjugation Media, and placed the screen shots i had made here.

I then right clicked on each jpg image, clicked on Share, created a link, copied the link, and pasted the URL link into the column 2 of my spreadsheet.

using the app on my ipad air 2 (i think), i downloaded the deck into your app. it unfortunately shows me the URL link but does not link to the picture. In the advance section of the deck where there should be a URL in the media Deck, there is none.
what am i doing incorrectly, and how do i create the link between these.

thanks for a very good app.

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Re: embedding pictures

Postby Ernie » Sun Jan 26, 2020 3:54 am

Hi Mitra,

1) Does your first card show "Nehman" or does it show "Text 1". If it shows "Text 1", then you may have a space after this header (which would need to be removed)
In the app, open card listing (bottom-right button in study screen) then tap a card and make sure you don't see anything in the 2nd (Text 2) field. The "2" side should contain a picture.

2) I can't see the end of your Dropbox links, but you generally should not include full URL links in this Picture 2 column. Just include the file names, and put your pictures in the Media folder.

\~GER-Conjugation Mediaimage 1.jpg
image 2.jpg

In the Picture 2 column, just enter something like "image 1.jpg" (name of your picture file).

3) Finally, I'm not sure about the "~" at the beginning of your file name. If you still have trouble after the above, try removing this from your file names to see if that helps.
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Re: embedding pictures

Postby Aleman » Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:57 am

thank you Ernie, I had tried all sort of permutations before i emailed you. Problem was resolved.
I may have not initially given the exact name to my media file. I was also seeing the Text 1 and Text 2 pages in the app. I placed my cursor after the names and held the delete button. I now don't see them in the app. (if this really was the solution, you may want to consider mentioning it)

the full hyper link inclusion, was out of desperateness. But i think not paying attention to the tiny difference between the names was the problem.

Thanks for the fabulous app, and also for replying so quickly.
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