How to randomly get Multiple Choice or Spelling?

How to randomly get Multiple Choice or Spelling?

Postby Phill » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:07 am

Hi all, Hi Ernie,
Thanks a lot for this FAN-TAS-TIC app!

I use it to learn Bokmål. Fiddling with the settings, I noticed that Multiple Choice and Spelling are mutually exclusive, is there a way to randomly get Multiple Choice or Spelling on the same deck? Thanks!

Re: How to randomly get Multiple Choice or Spelling?

Postby Ernie » Sat Jan 25, 2020 9:10 am

Hi Phill,

Sorry for the slow response.

Try the following:
Deck Options > Advanced Layout > turn on
You should see two "Layouts to Show" (1->2 and 2->1). These each represent different directions.
Let's add new layouts for Spelling and MC.
Tap Edit Layouts
+, Spelling
+, MC
Uncheck the layouts 1->2 and 2->1, as we'll use the two new ones (tap along right to uncheck)
Tap along left of "Spelling" to edit settings. Turn on spelling
Tap along left of "MC". Turn on multiple choice. Important *** : Change Statistics Set to "2". You have to use a different statistics set if you want to show cards from two different layouts at the same time
Back in "Deck Options", change "Card Order" to random.
Does that do it for you?

Notice that these two new layouts default to showing Text 1 first. the "Card Layout" settings within these "layouts" can be updated to show Text 2 first (as question)
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