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Download Picture

Postby dttars02 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:33 pm

Flashcards deluxe is really one of the best so far. However, in terms of downloading picture, I think A+ Flashcards Pro is better. It allows me to click the download picture button and the app will search the internet for the picture. One of the advantage is that I can search some picture not exist if I search using English. For example, the 2-rows bus, which only exist in Thailand. I search internet will not able to find the picture. However, if I click on the Thai translation, I can find the picture easily.

Also, the MSN online translation allows me to add word fast. I understand it may not the way you want your software to be. However, just some ideas for you to consider.
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Re: Download Picture

Postby Ernie » Fri Aug 23, 2019 4:00 am

Hi Dicky,

When adding a picture you can tap "Online Search" and search for pictures from within the app. Did you know about this? I don't auto-fill in search text though, so you'd need to retype or copy-paste from Text 1 or Text 2 field to enter. I suppose that one improvement might be to auto-fill from your existing text, but I might use Text 1 and you might want to use Text 2, or maybe neither, etc., so not sure how much of a next gain there is with this.

The app can also translate for you. Did you know? At the bottom of the card edit screen, look for "Translate / Define". This will use Google's translate. For example, you can Text 2 be a translation of Text 1. You'll need to set languages in this screen. You can then download translations for all cards at once, or for a single card in the text edit screen.
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