Shared Library in FCD

Shared Library in FCD

Postby tutu10 » Fri May 31, 2019 1:56 am

Hi Oxford,
I open this thread as I like to have this separated from the survey.
Also I have the feeling we should use more our own FCD library or make it comfortable to find something. I`m sure you are aware of that shared library. Searching for "Japan" found a lot of stuff but most are very small. At least three are above 1000 cards and using (only) 3 pages.
When using SharedLibrary in FCD the setup of the deck is included which is helpful to start using a foreign deck immediately.

any idea how we can vote for a shared deck or add "like it" to find the worth ones?
Could there be a possibilty to order by number of cards and/or last update?
What about the "featured shared deck"?
Or should there be a flag like "use full/several feature of FCD"?
Perhaps some categories or predefined keywords can help to filter.
If not in the App there could be also an own topic in the forum for discussing/voting shared decks.

Only some spontan thoughts.
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Re: Shared Library in FCD

Postby Ernie » Fri May 31, 2019 8:40 am

You can sort by number of cards in the shared library. Generally, you should always do that. :) Tap "Sort by" at bottom of search screen.

Doing this will generally solve your problems of finding a decent deck, if one exists. Being able to vote up decks is an idea, but I suppose it could also be abused. I can think about it for a future library update down the road a bit.

Since my shared library is generally small, you also might look to different sources of flashcards and gather those lists on your PC and organize them if needed, then transfer to the app.
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