about combination deck

about combination deck

Postby Ksk » Sun Aug 18, 2019 5:55 pm

First of all, sorry for my poor English.
I hope you understand what I am going to write.

I want to ask about combination deck.

I made a combination deck by using 4 different decks(let's call it A, B, C, D)
And I set Card Order as Spaced Repetition.

following is my question or suggestion.

When I make cards become new, I want that designated quantity of cards become new from each decks.
For example, if I set Max new cards as "20",
I want that "20 cards" to of 8 from A deck, 6 from B deck, 4 from C deck, 2 from D deck.
but I don't know how to set like this.

If that function already exists, I want to know how to set like that.
If it doesn't, I sugest to upgrade flashcards app in order to do that.

anyway, this app is awesome and I appreciate for making it.
Thank you so much!!

Re: about combination deck

Postby Ernie » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:05 am


The app doesn't do what you mentioned. I will make a note of this request, but I'm not ready to implement this at this time. I need to think about it more.

I'm not sure how to best solve this problem, but I have an idea...

Create a combination deck, and make sure "Settings by sub-deck" is turned on. (You can't change type after it's created.)
Add your decks A,B,C,D.
In Deck Options, tap deck A, Cards to Study, Card Range, turn on. And choose 1-10, for example.
Repeat for deck B, C,D.
Assume you said 1-10 for all deck.
For first 20 cards, maybe 10 from A and 10 from B. It's not perfect. But after that, you'll get 10 from C and 10 from D.
After that, your new cards will only be 19, then 18, etc. At this point, you can add more cards using "cards to study".

I wonder if this might be an OK solution for you.

Here's a problem right now... the app has a bug and the above doesn't work. But I just fixed it in my code. If you are interested in the above, and have Android, you can email me and I can send you an update. If you use iOS, you can wait until I release a new update on App Store.

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