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Version 3.0 Submitted

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:59 pm
by Ernie
Below are the release notes. This update should be available in about 10 days, assuming no issues pop up.

iOS 4.0 or greater required now

• Spelling test
- Use the keyboard to type in your answer
- Add audio for oral spelling quizzes

• Download private sets from Quizlet and Flashcard Exchange

• Dropbox - can now import from a subfolder

• Drawing enhancements
- Added clear and undo buttons
- Control pen width and color
- Option to remove gray background
- Option to draw full screen (use two finger tap/swipe to control card)
- (drawings are still not saved)

• Jump to any card while studying
- Only available in "ordered" mode
- To enable, tap the bottom-center button then "Move to Card"

• Background notifications for due cards in spaced repetition decks
- See Global Options > Notifications to turn on

• Multiple choice - option to define specific wrong answers for each card
- Search "Custom Wrong Answers" in the in-app help for more details

• Listen to background music while playing flashcard sounds

• Double-tap title to close Option/Setting screens at any point

• Spaced Repetition updates
- Option to show "new card" count in deck listing
- Push back due dates (after taking a break). Edit deck screen > Advanced
- Max cards in round: changed to typed-in number

• Other updates
- Sound menu moved from Global to Deck options
- Multiple choice - swipe left to skip question
- Text to speech - added a "Delete" option to delete existing sounds
- Sound: option to disable "double-tap to toggle sound play on/off" feature