Version 2.9.5 Submitted

Version 2.9.5 Submitted

Postby Ernie » Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:15 am

Below are the release notes. This update should be available in about a week.

• Multiple choice
- Tap the correct answer from a list of choices
- Can be used with any Card Order setting
- See "Deck Options > Multiple Choice" to turn on. See in-app Help for more information.

• Timer
- Get a visual notification when taking too long to answer a card
- Option to force card incorrect if timer goes off
- See "Deck Options > Timer" to turn on

• Other updates:
- Media file names with special characters can now be imported/exported through app website
- TTS: Increased character limit from 150 to 250.
- TTS: added Polish and Swedish (low quality sounds)
- Combo decks can now be exported/imported (to backup settings)
- Slideshow delay is now entered as a typed in number
- Spaced repetition: when many cards are due, cards with smaller intervals are generally tested first
- Option to hide the "n" for notes in study screen

• Bug fixes
- Sound recording: fixed a crash when closing sound recorder too quickly
- Flashcard Exchange: fixed a crash when reading sets without any cards
- Dropbox: fixed a crash when exporting a card that was missing a media file

• iOS 5 fixes
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