Feature Request

Feature Request

Postby kyj » Mon Mar 28, 2022 7:27 am

This is absolutely great app and incredible helpful for my language learning.
Although I have a request.

I really like slideshow feature. It helps me to memorize Japanese vocabularies automatically with TTS.

I’m memorizing a deck of about 5000 words from a vocabulary book which is divided by chapters.
I select a chapter from deck option> cards to study and then play a slideshow.

Deck Options> Card Order > Random
I set card order to be random because short term goal and spaced repitition doesn’t allow me to view all the words in a chapter when I play a slideshow.

But I would like to be tested with spaced repitition in the same time.
I wish there is a way to set card order differently by layouts so that I can play slideshow with layout1 in radom card order and do spaced repitition with layout2. Duplicating a deck can be a solution but I want to exclude and flag cards and share those within slideshow and spaced repitition.

If there is a way already, please let me know

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Re: Feature Request

Postby Katja from Hamburg » Tue Mar 29, 2022 10:38 pm

This should be possible.
You do not need to duplicate the deck.
Create a combi-deck and use the same deck, which is a kind of pointer to the same cards. It will allow you to use different learning method and layouts.
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Re: Feature Request

Postby Ernie » Tue Mar 29, 2022 10:57 pm

Katja has a good suggestion. Different layouts (in Advanced Layout) can't have different "card orders". I don't support that. You can manually which back and forth easily enough when wanting to do slideshows, I assume. But you probably want to create a Combination Deck just for slideshows. You will update and maintain only your base deck.
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Re: Feature Request

Postby kyj » Thu Mar 31, 2022 7:05 am

Thank you both, Katja and Ernie
Combination deck is exactly what I needed.
It would greatly shorten my learning steps
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