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I have a few questions, maybe some of you have an answer for me.

1. Is it possible to preset the Settings (like colour, multiple choice on, ...) so that not everyone who wants to use the deck has to Change it by hisself?

2. Is it possible that just I can Change the Settings and all other users cant?

Thanks four your help. :)
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Re: Settings

Postby Ernie » Thu Oct 29, 2020 8:49 am

Most deck settings will be included if you export the deck from within the app.

If you export to Shared Library, options won't be exported.

If you want to share with other, one option would be to export to "App Server". You will assign a "deck code" and others can download by adding a "Private Deck" and using the same deck code.

Change some settings and export your deck. Export to spreadsheet if you can read Excel files. Open exported file. You'll see settings at the top of your flashcards. If others download this file, they should get your settings pre-installed. I think this is what you are asking about.

I don't understand question #2. Users will always be able to change "deck options" for any deck they download on their device.
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