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extra info

PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2020 8:24 am
by eutrapelos
Hi Erine

I am using 'extra info' to display an external webpage such as:

However, it does not work well as the same as on a web browser (For example, selecting a word and playing an audio/video since then).

How can I solve this issue?


Re: extra info

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2020 4:00 am
by Ernie
Is this for iOS or Android?

You might be able to launch an external browser app if you are open this idea. Let me know iOS or Android and I'll look into it further.


Re: extra info

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2020 5:40 pm
by eutrapelos
Thanks for your reply!
I am using iOS. :)

Re: extra info

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2020 4:11 am
by Ernie
I tried your link in the Extra Info field on iOS, and I'm able to view the video and select/lookup/share text.

I'm not sure what functionality you are missing.

The only way I could figure out to launch the URL in Safari (instead of the in-app browser) is to capitalize the first "h" in "Http". A little goofy, but maybe that will solve your problem well enough.