Placing media (image and sound) files on an FTP server

Placing media (image and sound) files on an FTP server

Postby al017 » Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:02 pm

Can I put media (image and sound) files on an FTP server? Hence, the URLs would start from ftp:\\.

I am considering purchasing a WiFi hard drive for this purpose. WD My Passport Wireless Pro that I am currently considering supports FTP access. The following is from the Wireless Pro user manual: "File Transfer Protocol (FTP) enables the transfer of content to and from your drive’s Public folder through FTP. The drive supports default Anonymous login and takes advantage of Wi-Fi security for protection. The My Passport Wireless Pro drive is compatible with wireless cameras that support FTP, such as Nikon WT-2 and Canon WFT."
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Re: Placing media (image and sound) files on an FTP server

Postby Ernie » Tue Oct 01, 2019 2:15 am

I'm sorry, the app doesn't support FTP downloads. I can consider it for a future update, but I've got too many higher priority items to deal with currently.

If you have Android, you can likely just copy the media files directory to the apps data directory. Add at least one valid media file one of the normal ways, and this will create a media folder. The folder's name will be a number, so you'll have to figure out which number relates to your desired deck. Once figured out, just copy media files into that folder. If this pertains to you and you need more guidance, let me know.
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