[ Learning] CounterSpell Issue

[ Learning] CounterSpell Issue

Postby hungns35 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:07 pm

I either don't use regular sync since I have too many cards (it takes a lot of time).

I also have fixes (corrections on the cards) while I am studying on the phone
So always the latest version of my cards and decks (including statistics) are the ones in my phone.

But What if my phone dies or lost or stolen. FD would be the biggest loss for me in such a stutaion , so its scary.

I know all the upload/download tricks since I use this great app for 5 years now but I need a faster one. I need an instant snapshot which I can save to my computer for example and then make a recovery from it. Is there a way. (for example you can say connect you phone to compoter to folder x in \Android\data\com.orangeorapple.flashcards\ etc. and copy it to somewhere)
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