How do you use Flashcards Deluxe

How do you use Flashcards Deluxe

Postby taeril » Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:18 am

Hello there, wanted to share with you how I use FCD and to ask how do you use it as well. Ass I think we could share ideas and help each others learn more efficiently.

Would love to know if you feel you have anything to recommend, especially if anyone did some testing about spaced repetition settings etc.

I'm currently using FCD to learn traditional Chinese.
Mostly I'm learning with FCD by typing, typing what I hear, typing what I see, typing English to Chinese translations, listening Chinese sentences and and typing them in in Chinese and also listening Chinese sentences and repeating them aloud mine self.

I find that typing works best for me, it helps me maintain high focus as it seem, when mine mind is busy controlling mine fingers it tends to slide of focus less.
, I'm relatively fast with continuous input so it's going relatively fast. I'm also learning to blind type bopomofo at the moment, for which I made deck on FCD as couldn't find online any blind typing site that had bopomofo layout.

YouTube video where you can see how I use FCD

Thanks for collaboration
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