Migrating from Quizlet to Cram

Migrating from Quizlet to Cram

Postby Ernie » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:29 am

If you currently use Quizlet, make updates to Quizlet, and run "Download/Update" in the app to get the changes to Flashcards Deluxe WHILE MAINTAINING STATISTICS, you may wonder how to continue doing this with Cram.

How to move Flashcards from Quizlet to Cram, and be able to maintain statistics

The below procedure will export a deck to Cram, and then link your existing deck to Cram so that you can later run “Download/Update” while keeping statistics.

1) Backup/export your current flashcards, with statistics, so you can restore in case anything goes wrong. (You can export by email, for example.)
2) Export deck to Cram (tap Edit, tap deck, Export)
3) Add a NEW deck from Cram. This will be a TEMPORARY deck. (+, Cram)
4) Find the “deck code” for this NEW deck you just added. (Tap Edit, tap deck, then look for “Deck Code”, second line. It should start with “F”). Copy to clipboard.
5) Go to your ORIGINAL deck, and change (paste) the deck code to what you copied in #4. This will link your flashcards to the new Cram set.
6) Delete the new temporary deck you created in step #3. This was only created to get the correct deck code.

Now the original deck is linked to Cram. You can update Cram.com, and run “Download/Update” from within Flashcards Deluxe.
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