FCD successively learning

FCD successively learning

Postby Katja from Hamburg » Sun Jun 15, 2014 10:09 pm

Usally I recommend to learn each direction of a language parallel in an own deck to keep the progress separately using different statistic.

But I have a hugh number of phrases in a foreign laguage together with the translation and as I did not know much words, I did not do real progress by kearning them on the whole.
Some time ago I setup a successively learning process and like to describe that here:
Phase I is to learn some WORDS
Phase II is to UNDERSTAND phrases using that words in foreign language (FL)
Phase III is to TRANSLATE phrases into FL from my language (ML)
Phase IV is listen to phrases in FL and WRITE them

The setup is described here but there are no details about the following features:
- how to setup layout to get ML on side 1 and FL with sound on side 2
- how to adjust card order to get Leitner resp. Space Repetition
- how to work with cards to study settings or select specific set of statistic
- how to maintain categories

I assume that there is a deck with
- phrases, grouped into learning items (category "phrases" and "unit-[number]")
- words (category "words" and the unit number of the first appearance in a phrase)
- the number of words and phrases per unit should not be higher than 20 each

You need to create the following four combi-decks all with same statistic set:
for phase I) layout to show side 2 (FL) first; card order Leitner; cards to study streak <= 2; category "words" but no unit item
for phase II) layout to show side 2 (FL) first; card order SR; category "phrases" but no unit items
for phase III) layout to show sid 1 (ML) first; card order SR; cards to study streak <= 2; category "phrases" and all unit items
for phase IV) layout to show side 2 (FL) first; card order SR; correct interval = 1.0; category "phrases" and all unit items; spelling = on; answer side 2; timers, advanced timers side 2-1 hide question 10 sec, wait = on

Here is decribed how to folow the process:
- to get the phrases a day after learning the words, order the decks as follows: phase II, I, III, IV
- phase II: learn only NEW (there are none in the beginning); ignore any due cards
- phase I: add in cards to study the first unit and learn that unit at one or more days
- when there are no cards in phase I anymore,
a) add the next unit in cards to study but stop learning with that deck today
b) add the mastered unit in cards to study of the deck for phase II but also this is for tomorrow
- phase III: learn only DUE (ignore any new cards); you need to complete all DUE before you can start with phase IV deck
- phase IV: learn only DUE and only after phase III has no DUE anymore (as those are included here); make sure that sound is switched on; use swipe left when nearly correct, up when correct; swiping down will show the card in the phase III deck again
- skip phase I and II deck when you see there is a high number of due cards for phase III or IV

I am using this setup since a while and it seems to work for me.
Maybe anyone else like that as well or get an own idea out of this.
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