feature request: anticipatory review

feature request: anticipatory review

Postby currahee » Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:28 pm

I use my time to study with fcd and I use fcd to kill idle time. Unfortunately the two are not always well adjusted to each other.
Sometimes I find myself having dealt with all due cards and no new one's to learn, but still with time to kill, while later I will have again lots of due cards and no more time.
I could continue studying active cards in Leitner mode, but I understand this is random, so it messes with my recall intervals, and it also doesn't take away work from later in the day. Or I could also push 'back' the due dates for a negative amount of days, but this also messes with the review intervals, and it's not very scalable (with one day making a difference of several hundred cards due).

So I'd like to have another option, either to choose from besides new and Leitner or as seamless continuation after all due are dealt with.
That option would be to study the cards to become due next, 1) in the order they would become due, or 2) the cards for which a review at this time would mean the smallest deviation from their regular interval. (This would favor the cards to become due next and cards with the longest intervals) (but #2 seems more complicated to implement and much more calculations for the app).

This solves the two problems mentioned above:
It saves me some of the work ahead later that day, since there wouldn't be cards to become due for a while after doing this and it mostly preserves the interval, as the first couple of cards will be reviewed too early by merely fragments of their real interval, and the difference for cards with long intervals is also negligible.
To further help the latter point you should in case #1 also implement the ability to leave out certain cards in this mode, predetermined by you and user-customizable, on the basis of certain stages or intervals, or allowing only an anticipation of a certain percentage of the interval. (So I could choose to not early-review cards on stage 1, with an interval of 6 hours or to review cards with an 6 hour interval not more than 1 hour in advance).
And you could also apply an early review adjustment in either case.
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