backup all and sync not working

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Re: backup all and sync not working

Post by Ernie » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:17 am

Hi currahee,

It's not clear to me exactly what you've done.

Were you successful exporting from your iPod Touch?
I would export two different ways:
1) Tap "Edit", tap "Backup/Restore" at bottom, "Backup"... Turn on option to backup media, if needed
2) Export individual decks to Dropbox. Tap Edit, tap a deck, Export/Share, Dropbox. Turn on options to export media and export statistics. Set format to "Excel" if you can open Excel files. Select Decks to Export. Here you can tap ALL your decks, and export all to Dropbox at one time.

#1 will export a "Flashcards.sql" database to /Flashcards Deluxe/Backups/ folder.
#2 will export files directly in /Flashcards Deluxe/ folder.

3) You can also export via Sync in Deck Options. If you had Sync on on your iPod, then you should find your sync files in /Flashcards Deluxe/_Sync folder.

Now you want to import into your Moto G7 device.
If you did #1 and ran a full backup, you should be able tap "backup/restore", then "Restore". Did you try this?
If you did #2, you should be able tap + (add deck), Dropbox, and tap each deck to download

If you did #3, you should be able to turn Sync in Global Option, but this doesn't appear to be working for you. I don't know why yet. Did/can you try #1 or #2 to see if that works?

backup all and sync not working

Post by currahee » Tue Sep 10, 2019 3:45 pm

Hi there!
so I recently migrated my decks from my dying iPod Touch 5 to a Moto G7 Power via Dropbox sync, after creating the appropriate new folder. Unfortunately backup all doesn't seem to work on this phone and neither does sync (upload).
I tried both via Dropbox and One Drive, with otherwise functional accounts, but after pushing the backup/sync button it just flashes the screen white after a second and then throws me back to the app's mean screen. It tells me sync has been turned off because of the error, but otherwise no error message. I haven't changed my decks and everything else, including individual deck backup to server work without issue. help pls? also, can I do full backups manually by uploading certain files to Dropbox?
Thank you and best regards