Spaced Repetition Deck Options

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Re: Spaced Repetition Deck Options

Post by Ernie » Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:18 am

The app doesn't have any concept of "show you X new cards each day".

The "max new cards" is the number of cards in your "new card" group.

Say you have 100 flashcards. The all start in a "pending" state. By default, max new cards is 10, so I'll assume this. 10 cards (the first 10 by default) are chosen as "new cards". You enter the deck and choose to study "new cards" and these 10 cards are shown to you. These 10 cards will be repeated continuously until you either answer a certain card correct 3 times in a row, or swipe up once. (If you swipe up, a "new" card will immediately become "active" and will be tested again in 3 days, vs the normal 1 day.) After the card moves to "active" status, the next "pending" card becomes "new" so that you again have 10 new cards.

The max new cards defines how many cards you are practicing at once in new-card mode. More cards means potentially harder to remember a card the next time it shows because it shows up less quickly.

As you study new cards, a summary screen should tell you how many new cards you've moved from new to active status. So you can use this information to determine when to stop for the day (e.g. you've moved 30 cards from new to active). Keep in mind that you'll be studying more than 30 cards each day in this case.

If you want to limit yourself to seeing exactly 30 cards, you can go to Deck Options > Cards to Study > Card Range and limit your range to the first 30 cards, and increase by 30 each day, but I don't think it's that great of a solution because as you get to the last few cards, you'll be repeating them very quickly. The purpose of my "new card" mode is to make sure you can remember them after say 5 minutes (x 3) so that when they are shown after 1 day (first scheduled repeat once they become active), you have a chance at answering.

Studying "due" cards is a different mode, so backup to main deck screen, re-enter deck, and you'll have the option to study due cards. When no more due cards, go back to learning new cards.

Re: Spaced Repetition Deck Options

Post by Monty » Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:12 am

Cheers. I worked it out but I'm confused still by how it works. I have it on spaced repetition and have it set for Max New Cards 30. Is this the number of cards that it will present to me each day from my deck that are new? I've got 545 in the deck in total (excluded according to the app') but after 24 hours it only gave me 10 new entries.

What I expect it to do is present me 30 new cards every 20 hours then depending on how I clear these it will make them active to be reviewed at another set time and 20 hours later it will add another 30 new cards from the 545 deck for me to review and make active. That doesn't seem to be happening though.

Re: Spaced Repetition Deck Options

Post by Ernie » Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:33 pm


First, make sure your "card order" is set to "spaced repetition".
In this card order screen, after selecting, you will generally then see "spaced repetition settings" at the bottom.

If you don't see this, is "advanced layout" turn on?
In Deck Options > look for "Advanced Layout" at bottom. If this is turned on, the settings move around a bit. Each "layout to show" has its own settings. Tap a "layout to show" description (left side of screen, not the right check mark), and you should then see "spaced repetition settings" at the top, if your card order is set to this.

Spaced Repetition Deck Options

Post by Monty » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:02 am


I can't work out how to get to a deck's options. I've got the help function's advice of App/Options/Deck Option/Card Order/Spaced Repetition/Spaced Repetition Settings but for the deck I want there are no spaced repetition Settings. I can find them where they're supposed to be for another deck but just not the deck I want.

I have the initial test list set at 10 and I want to increase it to 30 but I can't find the settings for this deck.