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Multiple Choice and Advanced Layout

How do I apply multiple choice to only certain cards, and not the whole deck?

You can turn multiple choice on only for certain cards, but it’s a little tricky.

1) Assign a category to each card. You’ll use categories to determine if Multiple Choice (MC) used.

For example:

Text 1Text 2Category 1
greenverdeMultiple Choice
purplemoradoMultiple Choice
whiteblancoMultiple Choice
blacknegroMultiple Choice

2) Turn on Advanced Layout (Deck Options > Advanced Layout)

(You can read more about this by tapping (?) at top-left of Deck Options and tapping “Advanced Layout” in help list.)

You'll see two default layouts. The difference:
1->2 : Statistics Set 1, Card Layout shows Text 1 first
2->1 : Statistics Set 2, Card Layout shows Text 2 first

3) Add New Layout

Tap: Edit Layouts
"Multiple Choice 1->2" (Save)

You now see 3 layouts
1 -> 2 (checked)
2 -> 1
Multiple Choice 1->2 (checked)

4) Update layouts (tap layout name to edit):

Layout: 1 -> 2
Cards to Study
Category 1: Select "Flashcard" Only (then back)

Layout: Multiple Choice 1->2
Cards to Study
Category 1: Select "Multiple Choice" Only (then back)
Multiple Choice: ON