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Moving from Quizlet

Moving from Quizlet to Dropbox or Google Drive

Since Quizlet support will likely be going away soon, I recommend users move their flashcards to either Dropbox or Google Drive. You can create a free Dropbox account at dropbox.com or a Google account at drive.google.com if you don't have one.

Creating and maintaining flashcards will then happen in a spreadsheet instead of at Quizlet.com.

Dropbox: ideal if you want to use Excel to enter your flashcards
Google Drive: ideal if you want to use an online spreadsheet to enter flashcards


The trick when exporting to Dropbox or Google Drive is to clear the "Deck Code". This will break the link with Quizlet and the app will create a new link when you export.

  1. Tap "Edit" then tap deck to export
  2. Clear the "Deck Code" (2nd option)
  3. Export to either Dropbox or Google Drive and now maintain your flashcards in either Excel or Google's online spreadsheet
  4. After making changes in Dropbox or Google Drive, to update these changes into the app, tap "Edit", tap deck to update, then "Download / Update".


To Export Flashcards to Dropbox or Google Drive:

  1. Download flashcards from Quizlet into Flashcards Deluxe if you haven't already
  2. To export, tap "Edit" (at main Decks screen) then tap Deck to export
  3. The 2nd setting is "Deck Code". Tap and clear this field.

    This will start with "Q:" for Quizlet sources. This is used when updating an existing deck... the app will look here as the online source of your flashcards. By clearing, we are removing the link to Quizlet.

    Because we need to clear the deck code, you'll want to export one deck at a time, or clear the deck code for all decks first before exporting all decks at once. (I will auto-clear Quizlet deck codes for the next update.)

  4. Tap "Export / Share"
  5. Tap either "Dropbox" or "Google Drive"
  6. Turn on "Export Media Files" (if appropriate) and "Export Statistics" (optional). If exporting to Dropbox, also change the format to "Excel" (recommended).

    Exporting statistics is a good idea as a backup, but it will also clutter your spreadsheet, and when updating from Dropbox/Google Drive to the app, you'll be asked which statistics to keep (what's in the app or what's in Dropbox/Google Drive).

    * When you export, the blank "Deck Code" will be set to create a new link to your Dropbox/Google Drive source.

Finding your flashcards in Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Dropbox:   /Dropbox/Apps/Flashcards Deluxe/   or   /Dropbox/Flashcards Deluxe/
    Google:     /Flashcards Deluxe/

Updating from Dropbox/Google Drive to Flashcards Deluxe
  • You can now edit your flashcards by editing the Excel file in Dropbox or the spreadsheet in Google Drive. After making changes there, you'll want to update the flashcards in the app. To do so, tap "Edit" at main Decks screen, tap deck to update, then "Download / Update".